Siri, Reminders, Shortcuts and beorg

September 26, 2018

Support for Siri Shortcuts is coming soon, however a Siri Intent (where you can add tasks to beorg in the same way you can Reminders) is a little way off.

Apple released an app called Shortcuts alongside iOS 12 which allows you to automate some tasks using a simple visual programming language.

Shortcuts is fantastic and it’s quick and easy to put Shortcuts together. So much so that I started a new Shortcuts blog a few days ago (I find creating them quite relaxing after a day of writing Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, …).

I’ve just added a new post on my Shortcuts blog showing you how to import Reminders into beorg. There are still a few manual steps, nowhere near a perfect solution, however if you want to use Siri and Reminders and add those tasks to beorg it is probably your best option for the time being.

If you want to check out the article and Shortcut head over to Shortcuts Directory - Convert Reminders Into Org Mode Tasks.

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