Task management in plain text

Agenda, tasks and outliner for you and your projects

Comments from users...

"It just feels like a really natural way to do things."

"Thanks for making something I've been waiting a long time for."

"Editing is intuitive and makes things easy. I love the feature that compiles my org file into html."

"Wow! Beorg was already used for for reviewing files on the go and capturing to do items, but the new editing functionality is impressive."


Plain text files can be viewed and edited in any text editor on any platform. If you want what you create to be usable anywhere today and in the future using plain text is the best way to guarantee you won't be locked out of your own data.

beorg works with org files which were designed for the amazingly powerful Org mode. Here is an example of a file created by beorg:

* IN-PROGRESS Move my task management over to beorg and plain text
** DONE Check out beorg website
SCHEDULED: <2018-06-18>
** TODO Download beorg from the App Store
SCHEDULED: <2018-06-19>
** TODO Get an Org plugin for my favourite editor
SCHEDULED: <2018-06-20>


  • Keep In Sync

    Sync your org files using iCloud, Dropbox or WebDAV. WebDAV is supported by services as OpenDrive, Nextcloud and ownCloud.

  • Agenda

    Gives you a weekly agenda on your iPhone and iPad. Events from your org files are shown alongside those from iOS calendars.

  • Notifications

    Have your iPhone/iPad notify you of upcoming scheduled items and deadlines.

  • Create Tasks

    Create and edit your tasks. Assign dates, status, priorities and notes. Add to your inbox or assign straightaway to a file.

  • Outlines

    Use the outline editor to organize your tasks and notes. Use folding to hide/show sections and copy/paste text content into and out of other apps.

  • Quick Capture

    Add to your quick capture document from other apps or in beorg. The beorg share extension can quickly add text and links to your inbox.

  • Get It Done

    When adding tasks use the optimised UI to quickly add schedule or deadline dates. Shift dates with ease by day or week.

  • Export PDF

    Generate PDFs of your outlines to save or print. Generated PDFs can include formatting, links and tables using the simple markup syntax.

  • Scriptable

    Use the built-in scripting language to create your own task filters and customise the editor.

  • Backups

    beorg keeps up to 7 days worth of backups of your files.

  • Extensions

    Current in-app purchase extensions - dark mode, saved searches and Box sync.

  • Get started for free

    Free to download with extensions available via in-app purchase.