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June 28, 2019

beorg is free to download and most functionality is available to you without requiring any of your money. beorg is developed by just one person and I have a long list of new features I would love to add.

As with many indie developers1 I develop apps for other companies in addition to my own. Whilst I get to work on many exciting projects for third parties I want to spend more time on my ideas. If you are a beorg user then probably you want this as well! beorg has lots of enthusiastic users, but is a long way from being able to pay my mortgage and support my family on its own.

The current monetisation model for beorg is to offer a small number of features as extensions. There is also the option to tip via an in-app purchase.

When a new version of beorg is released you’ll be told What’s New and are unobtrusively asked for a tip if you want to say thank you. I’m contemplating a subscription option, so you get all extensions for free and support beorg on an ongoing basis, however I’m not going to have this replace one-off purchases for those that want them.

Here is an overview of what are the current extensions and why they might be useful to you:

I’ve got a new extension in development so you can choose from a number of styles for export to PDF or viewing a formatted file on the screen. In addition to the upcoming built-in themes you’ll be able to define your own using CSS.

If you find beorg useful then take a look at the above extensions. Purchasing extensions and using the in-app purchase tips gives me more scope to spend time adding powerful new features and improving beorg. Thank you for your support.

  1. I define an indie developer as someone who works for themselves on their own apps, and not one who gets a regular income from someone else to do so. ↩︎

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