beorg 2.3 is now available and introduces extensions. beorg is free to download and use. Extensions will introduce non-core features that can be added via in-app purchase. The first available extension allows you to turn on a dark mode theme and is available for $0.99. Extensions will provide revenue to allow for lots of new and exciting features to be developed.

You can download beorg 2.3 today

Coming soon in beorg is a Lisp based scripting system. If you use Org mode in Emacs you may be familiar with Emacs Lisp. beorg will contain a similar language based on Scheme (a Lisp dialect). In version 2.4 you’ll be able to use this to:

Even though Lisp can appear a little scary it’s fairly simple to get started with. This little snippet will tell beorg to start on the TODO tab:

 (define ui-start-tab "todo")

Here we are excluding a couple of files from being included in the agenda:

 (define agenda-exclude-files '("journal" "recipes"))

This is how you change the font used in the editor:

 (define editor-font "Menlo 14")

A more complex example is a custom toolbar for the editor. Here we are defining buttons to move the cursor backwards, forwards and changing the selected text to uppercase:

 (define editor-toolbar-items '(("<" (backward-char))
                                (">" (forward-char))
                                ("Upper" (insert (string-upcase (region))))))

I’ll be posting more on this in the coming weeks, and hope to have it ready by early October as part of the core app.