Dark mode, beorg extensions and a sneak peek at the next version

September 5, 2018

beorg 2.3 is now available and introduces extensions. beorg is free to download and use. Extensions will introduce non-core features that can be added via in-app purchase. The first available extension allows you to turn on a dark mode theme and is available for $0.99. Extensions will provide revenue to allow for lots of new and exciting features to be developed.

You can download beorg 2.3 today

Coming soon in beorg is a Lisp based scripting system. If you use Org mode in Emacs you may be familiar with Emacs Lisp. beorg will contain a similar language based on Scheme (a Lisp dialect). In version 2.4 you’ll be able to use this to:

Even though Lisp can appear a little scary it’s fairly simple to get started with. This little snippet will tell beorg to start on the TODO tab:

 (define ui-start-tab "todo")

Here we are excluding a couple of files from being included in the agenda:

 (define agenda-exclude-files '("journal" "recipes"))

This is how you change the font used in the editor:

 (define editor-font "Menlo 14")

A more complex example is a custom toolbar for the editor. Here we are defining buttons to move the cursor backwards, forwards and changing the selected text to uppercase:

 (define editor-toolbar-items '(("<" (backward-char))
                                (">" (forward-char))
                                ("Upper" (insert (string-upcase (region))))))

I’ll be posting more on this in the coming weeks, and hope to have it ready by early October as part of the core app.

Download now for iPhone and iPad

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