beorg 3.5.0 - Bulk Editing

January 10, 2020

This beorg update gives you the ability to edit multiple items at once, as well as a few other enhancements.

Bulk Editing

Let’s say you have a bunch of tasks in your inbox, and want to schedule some of them of this weekend.

Here I’ve a saved search called inbox which shows me everything regardless of whether currently a task or not.

To activate selecting multiple items I can hold down two fingers on an item and start dragging up or down. This only works on iOS 13 - alternatively you can tap the top right button on the screen and choose Select Items….

I can now select those items I want to do on Saturday. Once I’ve got them selected (each will have a tick on the left) I can choose which properties I want to modify.

I want to set each item to a TODO state and add a scheduled date. To do this I tap the Modify… button on the bottom toolbar, tap State… and choose TODO. I’ll see that I’ve added one change to be made as the Modify… button turns to Modify (1)….

Next I want to add a scheduled date. So I tap Modify (1)…, pick Scheduled Date… and choose the date I want.

Finally I tap Commit on the bulk editing toolbar and I will be given a summary of the changes to be made.

If I’m happy with these changes I can tap Make Changes. Once I’ve done I can see that all three items now have a scheduled date and are in the state TODO. Fantastic! I can now go ahead and assign the rest of the tasks to Sunday.

Bulk editing isn’t just limited to state and dates - you can also modify tags, task priority and bulk delete (great for clearing out completed tasks).

Other changes in this release

Log viewer

If you’ve ever contacted me for support I’ll sometimes give you instructions on how to view the beorg internal log. There is now an easier way to do this. Go to the Settings tab, scroll down close to the bottom and choose Show Log. You can also search the log for what you are interested in.

Support for the BIRTHDAY property

If you use Org mode in Emacs you may also use org-contacts. beorg will now recognise contact information which has a BIRTHDAY property and show that person in the agenda on the day of their birth.

iOS 12 search bar fix

If you are on iOS 12 then you may have noticed a problem with the search bar saved searches icon. This should be fixed in beorg 3.5.0.

Using templates with the beorg URL scheme

In beorg 3.4.0 there was a bug if you specified a template in an x-callback-url which had left the file blank. This is fixed in 3.5.0.

Repeating dates

There was an issue with repeating dates of the form .+1n (e.g. .+1d) where the date wasn’t being updated correctly if a time was also included. This is now resolved.

WebDAV logging

I recently had a support issue where adding some additional logging for WebDAV sync was required. If you have issues then search for WebDAV in the beorg log to get some useful information about the connection being made.

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