beorg 3.10.0

March 3, 2021

This latest update to beorg gives you a new way to sync your org files. You can now tell beorg to sync using a folder provided by another app. For example you can point beorg at a git repository managed by Working Copy or a folder on a remote server using Secure ShellFish.

To get started go to the Settings tab in beorg and tap the Sync method option. Pick Choose Folder and then go back to the previous screen. You can now tap Link Folder and select a folder from iCloud, local storage on your iPhone/iPad or an app which has a file provider extension.

Some apps only allow you to choose individual files and not folders. These apps aren’t currently supported by beorg and will appear grayed out when you tap Link Folder.

If you use beorg with a file provider let me know and I’ll put together a list of apps with which beorg works well with.

Also in this update:

If you find beorg useful you can support future development by subscribing to beorg Premium, purchasing individual extensions (if you aren’t a fan of subscriptions) or using the in-app tips. Thanks to everyone who has left a review on the App Store or ever mentioned beorg on social media or in a blog post!

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