beorg 2.14.0

May 8, 2019

beorg 2.14.0 is now available. It adds support for a CLOSED date when items are completed, and quickly adding notes to items. There are also a few bugs fixes.

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CLOSED dates

beorg has support for a number of types of dates - SCHEDULED, DEADLINE and ‘show on’ dates. What beorg didn’t do was keep a record of when you completed an item. With beorg 2.14.0 a CLOSED date is added when an item is marked as completed. You can see this when you view the notes for an item.

Adding notes

You may have tasks which you want to capture short notes to keep track of progress. With the latest beorg this is now really easy. Simply swipe from right-to-left on an item in the agenda or TODO tab, then tap “Add Note…”. You’ll be presented with the normal beorg text editor where you can type something you want added to the item.

Other changes in this release

In previous versions of beorg the pinned files feature was broken if you included spaces in filenames. This is now fixed.

For better compatibility with Org mode SCHEDULED, DEADLINE and CLOSED dates now all appear on the same line.

Search in beorg needed at least three characters to get going. This was causing problems for some languages (such as Chinese languages). You can now set a filter-min-chars Scheme variable to change this from 3 to 2 (or 1!)

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